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Logo Digitising

Logo Digitising

Do you want to see your company or team logo displayed on clothes, garments, and accessories but don’t know how to transfer it from a digital screen to a physical material?

Austitch’s logo digitizing services provide the perfect platform for your initial run and years to come.

You can take the first steps today by calling (07) 3889 8995.

Why Logo Digitising?

Logo digitizing is a process in which your artwork is turned into a digitized embroidery file that tells industrial embroidery machines how to recreate your digital logo on a real product.

This covers various factors (underlay, path, pull, and stitching) to ensure that the embroidered logo comes out perfect time and time again.

This approach to embroidery saves time and money in the long run while simultaneously removing the mistakes that are associated with other methods.

Moreover, a digitized logo can be resized or use different thread colours.

The versatile embroidery can be used on a range of products too, such as;

Customised t-shirts, polos, and shirts.

Embroidered golf bags and promotional goods.

Embroidered caps and bucket hats.

Custom embroidered ties and towels.

Customised jackets and jerseys.

Whether for business or the amateur rugby team’s next tournament, logo digitizing produces the highest quality goods to make all team members, fans, or customers look and feel the part.

Why Embroidered Logos?

Embroidery isn’t the only option for putting your logo on a product or collection of products.

However, it is commonly accepted as the best solution in a range of situations.

This is especially true when a quality embroidery service, underpinned by logo digitising, meets an equally brilliant product.

Opting for embroidered logos over the alternatives delivers a range of beneficial features, including;

It produces the perfect size, position, and colour every time due to automated embroidery.

The stitching offers a far more robust design than printing.

Embroidery instantly creates a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

The embroidery is often harder to mimic than alternative methods, which can protect the brand.

It is an option that is suited to virtually all garments and materials.

Logo digitising is the first step to successful embroidery, regardless of whether you already have a logo or not. To arrange your consultation to discuss digitising and the subsequent usage, get in touch today.

Why Choose Austitch?

When selecting a logo digitizing service, it’s imperative that you partner with the right team of experts.

For companies in Brendale and the surrounding areas of Brisbane, Austitch is the obvious answer. For over 30 years, our expertise in the industry has supported people just like you. And we continue to deliver exceptional results that raise the bar of expectation.

Austitch is the perfect embroidery and digitizing partner for local brands, businesses, and event organisers for many different reasons.